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英語 幼児 CD Super Simple Songs 1.2.3(第2版)CDセット

商品番号 tr-supersimplesongs-cd123
[ 45 ポイント進呈 ]
価格 ¥ 4,950 税込


聞いているだけで英語の耳が鍛えられ、やがて口をついて歌ってしまう歌ばかりです。子供たちが大好きな動物に関連する歌を集めたAnimals CDもセットにした豪華版です。


  1. Knock Knock Hello
  2. Make A Circle
  3. Seven Steps
  4. One Little Finger
  5. Walking Walking
  6. Are You Hungry
  7. Clean Up!
  8. If You're Happy
  9. Days Of The Week
  10. I See Something Blue
  11. I See Something Pink
  12. Head Shoulder Knees & Toes (Learn It)
  13. Head Shoulder Knees & Toes (Sing It)
  14. Head Shoulder Knees & Toes (Speeding Up)
  15. Ten In The Bed
  16. The Bath Song
  17. Five Little Monkeys
  18. The Alphabet Song (Learn It)
  19. The Alphabet Song (Sing It)
  20. Go Away!
  21. What Do You Want For Christmas?
  22. Put On Your Shoes
  23. See You Later
  24. Please Sit Down & Storytime Music
  25. Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song)
  26. Lullaby Medley


  1. Hello!
  2. Count and Move
  3. How's The Weather?
  4. One Potato, Two Potatoes
  5. Eeney Meeney Miney Moe (Choosing Rhyme)
  6. The Eensey Weensey Spider
  7. Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #1
  8. Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #2
  9. Who Took The Cookie?
  10. The Wheels On The Bus (Learn It)
  11. The Wheels On The Bus (Sing It)
  12. Uh-huh
  13. The Shape Song #1
  14. The Shape Song #2
  15. Counting Bananas
  16. The Hokey Pokey Shake (Learn It)
  17. The Hokey Pokey Shake (Sing It)
  18. Mystery Box
  19. Hide And Seek
  20. Count Down And Move
  21. See You Later, Alligator
  22. Lullaby Medley


  1. Hello Hello
  2. Open Shut Them (And Other Opposites)
  3. BINGO (Learn It)
  4. BINGO (Play With It)
  5. We All Fall Down
  6. Rain Rain Go Away (Learn It)
  7. Rain Rain Go Away (Play With It)
  8. Old McDonald (Learn It)
  9. Old McDonald (Play With It)
  10. Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?
  11. Do You Like Spaghetti Yogurt?
  12. The Pinocchio
  13. Five Little Pumpkins
  14. Skidamarink
  15. Happy Birthday (How Old Are You Today?)
  16. Say Cheese! (Let's Take A Picture)
  17. The Alphabet Chant
  18. The Months Chant
  19. Bye Bye Goodbye
  20. Lullaby Medley

'Original' Series: CD1(第2版)CD2枚組×1
'Original' Series: CD2(第2版)CD2枚組×1
'Original' Series: CD3(第2版)CD2枚組×1
収録曲数:['Original' Series: CD1:26曲]['Original' Series: CD2:22曲]['Original' Series: CD3:20曲